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The Role Of Blockchain In Web 3.0 Evolution

The Role Of Blockchain In Web 3.0 Evolution

The internet’s growing advancement in human lives in less than a half-century is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence in human history. Since its beginning in 1983, the internet is evolving significantly. We are witnessing the significant change of Web 2.0 into Web 3.0, which has the potential to create a completely new reality for us to dwell…

How to Grow Business Through Blockchain Technology?

How to Grow Business Through Blockchain Technology?

Businesses have always been adopting technology for the greater good. The evolution of technology has given us one of the more magnificent technology and that is blockchain. The implementation of blockchain technology can take your business to new heights. In this blog, we’ll let you know how you can grow your business with blockchain technology….

How impactful is Blockchain

How Impactful is Blockchain When It Comes to Establishing E-governance During This Time of the Pandemic

The second decade of 2000 began with the introduction of disruptive technologies. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Internet Of things or IoT, walked right through the right carpet and transformed the whole technological landscape. Although, AI and IoT became more of the innovative accelerators, but, blockchain originated essentially as a disruptive innovation intended directly for revolutionalizing…

use of AI and Blockchain

Opportunities for Greater Use of AI and Blockchain in Smart Cities

The reality we live in today is largely influenced by revolutionary innovations that have increasingly disrupted our current ways of doing businesses. It is interesting to know how policymakers, governments, and businesses can leverage the potential of disruptive technologies and unlock the doors to a better and competitive world of tomorrow. And as unfortunate as…

3D printing, AI and Blockchain

How 3D Printing, AI and Blockchain Together Can Help Overcome Supply Problems in the COVID-19 Crisis

What appeared to be science fiction and a gut-wrenching theory, have now become the reality of the world, all thanks to Coronavirus. And, even momentarily, movies like Contagion, Outbreak, and even World War Z, have started to appear like a documentary, instead of outdated yet terrifying science fiction. Coronavirus or scientifically summoned as COVID-19 has…

Top Digital Transformation Trends

Top Digital Transformation Trends for Tech Industry in 2023

The new decade of 2020 or the next stage of “digital evolution” welcomes the world with a promise of hyper intuitive cognitive capabilities and emotionally intelligent interfaces that will rebuild businesses in numerous unpredictable ways. As the tech community (for invested implementation) prepares itself for the new age of disruptive changes to arrive at it’s…

technology trends of 2020

Latest Technology Trends That Will Impact Businesses

The frantic adaptation rate of new digital technologies around the globe is surprisingly overwhelming. The present digital ecosystem is transitioning from social, mobile, analytics, cloud to distributed ledger and quantum computing. More, digital maturity with new technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT is slowly taking the industry towards a new technological revolution. Here’s a…