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AI in Airline Industry

How Artificial Intelligence Is Improving Airline Industry

Nowadays airlines want to be consumer-centric and improve the way to communicate with their consumers. Airlines are aiming to give astonishing experiences to its passengers at every touchpoint starting from making an inquiry to the departure of the flight, handling all the queries passengers have and also receiving the feedback from them, and following the analytics to improve the airline’s data in a long run and this could easily be done through Artificial Intelligence.

Airlines are looking at how technology can help to maximize the passenger’s experience and possibilities of their business.

According to SITA‘s latest 2019 China IT Insights report, 88 percent of the country’s airlines and airports plan to have some form of AI program in the development or deployment phase by 2022, with a heavy focus on chatbots and virtual assistants.

“Innovation and digitalization are key to the achievement for the aviation industry”

Artificial intelligence will play an essential role in shaping the future of the airport experience for the passengers.

Especially after the global pandemic black swan event which has risen in the past sometimes airports are focusing more on passengers safety.

This is where the integration of artificial intelligence(AI) in airports comes into play.

Following are the benefits AI offers to airports:

Helps in Social Distancing

Social distancing more than a precaution has now become fundamental to life so minimizing the queuing at airports is key to safeguarding passenger health and well being and streamlining operations.

AI can actually play a vital role in providing the best and quick service to all passengers from check-in immigration to boarding, these quick services will also enable the passengers with more time to enjoy and to browse the other facilities that the airport has to offer from first-rate dining to superior duty-free offerings.

Beneficial for Airport’s staff

The introduction of AI technology at Airports is not only beneficial for passengers but also for the airline itself, the employees working at the airport, also to all the retailers in a variety of ways.

AI enables the employees to monitor real-time imagery of aircraft, to complete certain actions such as the unloading of luggage or the refuelling of an aircraft at optimal times will become very accessible with the integration of AI at airports.

Also, the integration of AI into the safety and security systems will enable the automated monitoring of camera feeds of the airport apron, the area in which aircraft move and park. AI-equipped systems can be taught to detect irregular activity or objects and notify the relevant teams to address potential issues swiftly and efficiently. (Tramadol)

Increases fuel efficiency

The use of AI systems with built-in machine learning algorithms will also enable the collection and analysis of the flight data regarding each route’s distance and altitudes, aircraft type, weight, and weather, etc. Based on findings from data, systems estimate the optimal amount of fuel needed for a flight.

Hence, it helps in increasing the efficiency of fuel requirement per flight which leads to cost reduction and optimization of resources.

Analysis of feedbacks

For the experienced customers who travel perennially their passports are running out of clean pages thus sometimes air travel can be stressful for them.

In this regard, airlines that learn about the pain points of airport and flight experience through data analysis can improve customer service.

Using AI for feedback analysis and market research allows airlines to make and informed decisions and meet customers’ expectations.

AI helps in providing timely response to passengers in case of any flight delay or baggage loss occurs leading to solving the pain points of the passengers.

The speed response to customers queries will bring them back to the particular airport.


The safety and efficiency improvements possible through the integration of AI into the Airport’s processes are enabling the airport to deliver a smoother, more seamless passenger experience.

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