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How to Create New Business Value Through a Platform Model

How to Create New Business Value Through a Platform Model

Platforms don’t create value in a traditional business sense, they simply facilitate the exchange of value. In this blog, we’ll cover all the various aspects of platform. So let’s get started! What Is A Platform? Platforms are businesses that connect two or more mutually dependent groups in a way that benefits all sides. To make…

How to Grow Business Through Blockchain Technology?

How to Grow Business Through Blockchain Technology?

Businesses have always been adopting technology for the greater good. The evolution of technology has given us one of the more magnificent technology and that is blockchain. The implementation of blockchain technology can take your business to new heights. In this blog, we’ll let you know how you can grow your business with blockchain technology….

Technology in Management

The Use of Technology in Management

In the last few decades, we rely upon technology for handling our daily lives. Be it waking up or checking on our schedule for the day or booking a cab, it is all in the hands of technology. There are pretty huge chances that technology plays an important role in our regular work responsibilities. Even…

Using Technology to Transform Businesses

Using Technology to Transform the Businesses

The world of business remained the same for almost a century or so after the Industrial Revolution. However, it is fine to establish that it is never going to repeat in the future. For companies looking for lessons in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has appeared clearly. That every organization needs to become…

Benefits of digital transformation in business

Benefits of Digital Transformation for your Business

Comfort zones are a pleasing way till the time one realizes that they have outgrown what is in front of them. It is necessary to be in alignment with your business to map out what your company needs. Adapting and adopting digital is vital for businesses across industries to succeed and compete. Digital transformation consequences…

What is the role of digitalization in business growth?

What is the Role of Digitalization in Business Growth?

The media has digitized, your consumers have digitized, and your business is next! In fact, digitization is already impacting every aspect of your business, from the way you acquire and retain customers to the way you present yourself, your business, and manage your reputation online. What Is Digitization? Today, the digital world has permeated every…

The Role of Drone in Business and Commerce Industry

Technology has no limits. It is meant to grow with time. Creative brains find out every possibility to accommodate technology wherever required. Among such great technologies, drone technology, also known as “unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)” is progressing very fast that can give benefits to many sectors. Drones have infiltrated many aspects of our economy and…

Cybersecurity in Business

Importance of Cyber Security in Business

With the increase in the number of daily business activities online, it has become the need of the hour for companies to ensure that their important data or money are not under any threat of getting stolen. That’s why hers’s comes a very significant role in cybersecurity in business. To prevent these attacks and to protect…