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Using Technology to Transform Businesses

Using Technology to Transform the Businesses

The world of business remained the same for almost a century or so after the Industrial Revolution. However, it is fine to establish that it is never going to repeat in the future. For companies looking for lessons in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has appeared clearly. That every organization needs to become…

Cloud computing in healthcare

How Cloud Technology is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry, with the largest number of legacy systems combined with the amount of highly sensitive and personal information, becomes one of the most challenging ones to transform. Many governments all over the world, face numerous issues in their quest for digitizing healthcare services. Whereas, the entire healthcare system, as a whole, faces a…

Augmented Reality Is Transforming Retail

How Augmented Reality Is Transforming the Retail Industry

The way we shop has indeed changed tremendously over the past few decades. Most of the customers prefer online shopping without having to go out in a mall or store. Customer demands keep on changing constantly, so is retail technology! One thing which is the most important thing in retail is customer experience. Today’s customers…