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benefits of RFID

What Are the Benefits of RFID in Logistics?

In the last couple of years industries of various types have started implementing technologies in their work processes to optimize their results. The reason behind this shift is that these technologies help the business to stand out from the competition. These technologies enable the user to function more efficiently and effectively, effortlessly. Radiofrequency identification (RFID)…

rfid technology in supply chain

How Does RFID Technology Improve the Supply Chain?

Supply chain traceability has improved dramatically in the last couple of years with the implementation of radio frequency identification(RFID) technology. Effective traceability is one of the biggest reasons the world has seen a boom in the usage of RFID in various industries because of its phenomenal results many industries have reaped the benefits from it….

RFID Technology

How RFID Technology Transforms Global Supply Chains

Radiofrequency identification is a major support system that helps supply chain management. The uses of RFID in the supply chain have a significant and positive effect on the operations, as we all know supply chain operations are the backbone of every industrial segment and their functioning is crucial for business development. Studies have revealed that…

IoT and Blockchain

Best Ways IoT and Blockchain are Transforming Supply Chains

Up to this point, it is agreeable that the sheer amount of disruption that Blockchain is poised to cause in the logistics industry is massive. From validating provenance along the supply chain to creating transparency, the benefits are perfectly timed for the current ‘Amazon effect.’ It gets even better when you consider the fact that…