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How Can Robots Transform the Indian Manufacturing Industry?

How Can Robots Transform the Indian Manufacturing Industry?

Robots are increasingly being used in the manufacturing industry for different functions. Robots transform the Indian manufacturing industry in many ways. The advent of robotics has brought a lot of convenience and advancements to almost every industry. One such sector is manufacturing.  Where improvement can be observed significantly when robotics are included in the manufacturing…

Robotics Technology in Logistics Industry

How Robotics Technology is Changing the Logistics Industry

An army of robots is rising in warehouses around the world, intelligent machines and automation are spreading throughout the core of the logistics industry, helping to sort and process online purchases, select groceries and package manufactured food products.Consumers are demanding faster and cheaper shipping from internet retail, and the companies that run these facilities are…

Top Digital Transformation Trends

Top Digital Transformation Trends for Tech Industry in 2020

The new decade of 2020 or the next stage of “digital evolution” welcomes the world with a promise of hyper intuitive cognitive capabilities and emotionally intelligent interfaces that will rebuild businesses in numerous unpredictable ways. As the tech community (for invested implementation) prepares itself for the new age of disruptive changes to arrive at it’s…