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Cloud Data in Transportation

How Is Cloud Data Influencing The Transportation Industry

The cloud-powered solutions and their applications can be found in many industries serving a diverse range of customers. The inherited scaling ability and flexibility in any cloud service is what makes it one solution for all. The transportation industry, in particular, is very capital intensive. Companies want to cover a large geographical area and offer…

IoT and AI Transforming the Transport Management

IoT and AI Transforming the Transport Management

The time that we are living in, the present, is the most technically advanced it has ever been. With these new technologies come advancements in every area of business, from customer-facing technologies to predictive inventory to transportation management. “Smart tech” is transforming the way companies do business — including an impact on your company, whether…

How Cities Can Capitalise on Transportation Tech

As population surges to an overwhelming number, transportation infrastructure is being threatened. How should we respond?  Urban populations seem to be growing rapidly in India, and the threat to the transportation infrastructure is getting out of hands, faster than presumed. This urban sprawl adds to the already culminating congestion, further worsening air purity and deteriorating…