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ERP Benefits for Manufacturing Industry

How Gate Entry Module in ERP Benefits Manufacturing Industry?

The manufacturing industry is highly dynamic, versatile and most competitive in nature which makes it really very important or urgent for such businesses to have an integrated solution that can enhance manufacturing efficiency, cut down costs, increase sales and profitability. Most importantly, enable the organization to make accurate decisions. Therefore, the manufacturing industry uses ERP system to answer these all solutions.

Adding to the above statement, it is also really important for the manufacturing industry to look over their inward and outward transactions of products and raw materials which is equally important. A module such as “Gate Entry” is the best solution for that. Industries can achieve many benefits by introducing the module into their existing ERP system.

Reasons why to have a gate entry management system

1. Gate Entry

Traditional method where security guards will fill the defined sheet for the gate entry and takes the signature. This is no longer considered to be secured for business especially in the manufacturing industry where frequent transfer of goods occurs. With the help of ERP module-gate entry, you can track the materials/goods, dispatch/bought, visitor movement, vehicle movements and can also monitor the fraudulence activity.

2. Enhance Security

As it trackseveryIn/Out movement into the premises, no unwanted entrance can occur. The visitor has to give their details and with an entry pass/visitor pass they are allowed. Likewise, no vehicle can trace past every inward/outward movement will be scanned properly against the details of the product.

3. Saves Time

As the operation is enabled with the customize the pre-defined system, it carries the inbuilt template and has high precision with the features like auto-fill which ultimately eliminates human error.

4. Customer/Vendor Satisfaction

Unlike the traditional process to get gate entry which was error-prone and time-consuming. The ERP-Gate entry makes it really quick with ease which allows vendors and customers to get their deliveries fast with less waiting time.

5. Accurate Record

The system will be capable to fetch every data stored in the system. As the gate entry is dependent on the ERP management tool, all the movements will be recorded and save into the database for future reference.

6. Quality Control

As the system is capable to track every In/Out movement of the product. The supervisors and the quality assurance engineer can analyze the pre-production inspection and pre-shipment inspection onto the products which enhances the control over the quality and reduce the rejection rate.

7. Highly Reliable Data

The module is deeply integrated with all related departments. This offers easier access to the manager in cross-checking any deliveries or purchase made. The system cannot make any errors or give way to fraudulent entries, thus making it more reliable. Since the details are stored then and there in the module the higher authorities are capable of knowing even the current operations going in the logistics.

8. Vehicle Movement

Gate Entry module can be integrated with the Logistic department to keep a track of vehicle movement. In many companies dealing with 100’s the vehicle will be a huge task for the accounts and logistics department. By having integrated software to track the In/Out movement of the vehicle will definitely reduce their pain.


Adding the Gate Entry module to your ERP system will not only brings the ROI but also comes with many benefits as stated above. Companies can achieve high customer satisfaction with trust also storing a huge amount of data will be very crucial and gives a scope to analyze and enhance the operation.

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