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software development

Which is Better inHouse Vs Outsourcing Software Development

The startup world today has an irrational vitality towards digital transformation. To have a digital backbone, startups often face a circumstantial question of having hired help or opt for traditional outsourcing. But since the past 5 years, startups with a vested focus on digital excellence, and to best transact the idea into a reality within…

Game Technologies

Implications of Game-Changing Technologies in the Services Sector

There is a difference between disruptive innovation and incremental innovation. How? Improving a candle by adding a wick that burns very slowly, is an example of incremental innovation whereas the process of inventing the electric light bulb is an innocent example of disruptive innovation. This sharp contrast is a clear indicator that technological innovation is…

Transformation of the logistics and supply chain sector with AI, IoT, and RPA

“The impact of data-driven and autonomous supply chains provides an opportunity for previously unimaginable levels of optimization.”– SupplyChain Technologies like Artificial Intelligence is taking a progressively focal role in the logistics industry. As the global logistical demands continue to become more complicated, big-data-driven applications have walked in to streamline logistics on a global scale. The…

How Cities Can Capitalise on Transportation Tech

As population surges to an overwhelming number, transportation infrastructure is being threatened. How should we respond?  Urban populations seem to be growing rapidly in India, and the threat to the transportation infrastructure is getting out of hands, faster than presumed. This urban sprawl adds to the already culminating congestion, further worsening air purity and deteriorating…