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Automation Technology

How Automation Technology Will Change Logistics in 2022

Today logistics and technology are combined to improve the logistics industry’s growth and efficiency customer shifting needs are a major influence on the technologies used in the sector as a result logistics and technology are being integrated. Here’s a quick rundown of three of the developing technologies that will have an astonishing impact on the…

Healthcare RFID Solutions

How RFID Solutions Improve Patient Safety and Hospital Workflow?

Introduction Healthcare, RFID-enabled technology improves patient safety and hospital workflow. RFID technology involves real-time tracking systems thus the healthcare organization have full control over patient tracking, locate equipment and expedite care. RFID technology makes use of wireless conversation to identify and track human beings and equipment. It has been a robust adoption in healthcare in…

Technology Partner for IoT Solutions

How to Choose a Technology Partner for Your IoT Solutions

Today businesses are evolving with technological advancements so does the industries. For example, beacon-based contextual marketing platform are giving tough fight to an e-commerce business. Smart IoT solution simplifies the path to new efficiencies, cost saving, inventory accuracy, operation handling, smart marketing, and a better customer experience in fact there is now IOT centric system…

Top Tech Trends in Web Development

How Top Technology Trends Impact Web Development

In 2020 it was recorded that the internet has at least 200 Million websites and 1.8 Billion web applications to date. Understandability, with the disruptive revolution in play (thanks to the pandemic), this number might multiply by 4x the coming year. This means, that the web competition is getting intensified as we get older in…

Technologies for Mobile App

Top Technologies Used to Develop Mobile App

The growth of mobile applications has been impressively high since the last decade. Considering the number of smartphone users to be around 3.5 billion as of July 2020, the need for smart applications has unfolded by great multiples. The coronavirus pandemic also has added thrust to the already ongoing need of mobile applications in the…

Stack For Web Apps

How To Choose The Best Technology Stack For your Web Apps

Though we live in the mobile-dominated age, web applications are still prevalent and a preferred choice for enterprises for certain features. Progressive web apps are an example of the web app’s adaptability and capability to act like mobile apps. It is fair to mention that web applications are here to stay. As technology evolves, many…