Life Science Sector

Outlining and monitoring of Life Science systems

Air Quality Monitoring System

With the rise in pollution, it is very important to monitor the root cause of major pollutants. We’ve worked on IoT based systems that will monitor the real-time data, sense the pollution levels and share the data to the command center.

Such solutions help in finding out the worst affected areas and right action can be taken at the right time. This will help in taking care of our environment which is at a very alarming stage.

Agriculture Support System

Agriculture is one of the main sources of revenue for many countries. The agriculture support system consists of studying the soil quality and pH levels. If the study of soil is done in the right manner then it can prevent many problems like soil erosion, soil degradation, etc.

Our advanced solutions will help in keeping track of the soil quality and will also help in monitoring the health of the soil.

Water Resources Planning

Water is one of the most important natural resources on which we are highly dependent. If proper planning is not done then such important resources will be wasted which cannot be afforded.

Our IoT based solutions will help you in checking the water levels and also the quality of the water. There are various sophisticated mechanisms involved that will test the quality of the water and provide you with test results.

Forest Resources Management

Forests are extremely important renewable natural resources, as they play a significant role in preserving our environment. Forest Conservators are largely responsible for organizing, analyzing and presenting accurate information on forests to policy makers, planners and managers who need to address the interests and priorities of local communities and involve them in the process of decision making.

Our solutions focus on managing important resources which include Timber management, Tree Cutting solutions, etc.

Technology map

We don’t just code but help our Clients simplify application landscape as well as consult on strategic technology stack.

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