Logistics Sector

A part of supply chain management that prepares, implements, and regulates the efficient, effective forward, and reverse flow and storage of goods, services from origin to destination.

Transport Management Solution(TMS)

Transport management solutions consist of various aspects like covering shipment order management, planning, execution, documentation & billing( Hub Management).

Our solutions are designed to work across your multi-modal transport network & manage all your key processes. This covers shipment order management, planning the order based on VSRC (Vehicle, Schedule, Routes, and Constraints), load planning, load consolidation, carrier selection, execution, documentation, and billing.

Warehouse Management System(WMS)

Warehouse management system will be your choice of mode for the basic receipt-GR- Put Away-Pick-Pack-Dispatch functions to advanced automation needs.

This consists of flexible Value-added Service, lot management, serial number tracking, etc. It uses sophisticated fulfillment logic for wave management, constraint-based selection, real-time replenishment and eliminates costly counts with auditor-approved counting functionality.

Fleet & Asset Management

Fleet and asset management are used for end-to-end in-house fleet management to increase the availability of fleet and decrease your total cost of operation(TCO).

Customers can set the complete bills of materials for a given asset, identify the composition of the maintenance force, generate maintenance plans, and all other activities related to asset management.

Hub Management

Hub management is very important because it gives support to the in-transit Hubs and keeps a track of all its activities. The goods arriving in a transit hub can be deconsolidated, segregated and then consolidated back again to be shipped out.

Hub audits have a crucial role in ensuring the quality of the hub thereby eliminating any discord between actual inventory and the quantity recorded in the system. Hub management gives complete visibility of all types of movements from all the hubs across the network of a logistics service provider.

Technology map

We don’t just code but help our Clients simplify application landscape as well as consult on strategic technology stack.

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