Transport Sector

Exceeding personalized transport administration

Integrated enforcement solution

e-Challan is an integrated enforcement solution to manage traffic violations through multiple devices(e.g Smart PoS,CCTV,GPS,Speed Guns etc.) developed for the use by the Transport enforcement Wing and Traffic Police across states.

Digital Challan and Road Safety Implementation becoming day by day Strong, Transparent, Accountable using our system and we are proudly saving many lives adding all the road safety stakeholder in single platform.

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Intelligent Traffic Management System
Intelligent Traffic Management System is specially designed and architected to replace tedious manual processes to track, regulate and analyze vehicle movement on roads, and to enforce traffic rules for the safety citizens and their properties. It acts as a true decision support system for traffic planners and traffic law enforcement agencies.
Road Accident management system

Road Accident management system is a geographical information system (GIS) solution for identification of black spots, wrong driving practices, road infrastructure, vehicular defects, road types, damage to property, overloading issues, driver issues and other factors causing or related to road accidents.

It is immensely helpful for policy makers, municipal bodies, road construction agencies, traffic and transport departments towards mitigation of road-safety related problems in the state.

Vehicle tracking system

Vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations.

Electronic toll collection system

Electronic toll collection system allows the vehicle drivers to pass the toll tax booths without stopping at the toll booths. The toll amount is deducted from the RFID card. This RFID card is rechargeable and account is stored on the records.

Parking Management System

Rapid globalization and rising economies all over the world bring in the need for smart parking management solutions. Living standards of people have improved significantly. More and more people are now able to afford cars. This leads to major parking woes, especially in urban areas, where space is a constraint.

Parking is an essential component of the transportation system. Vehicles must park at every destination. We have worked to controls entire parking services through an Intelligent and secure access management systems provide the highest level of comfort for the client.

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We don’t just code but help our Clients simplify application landscape as well as consult on strategic technology stack.

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